Conservation, Genetics and People

Overview of My Research

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Christina De Jesús Villanueva

I am a biologist trained in wildlife management, genetics and ecology. I am passionate about conservation work and in my research I seek to develop projects focused on conserving  biodiversity.  I am currently seeking opportunities in conservation biology that integrate my interests and training.

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People's effects on wildlife

Multiple scholars agree we are living during an era of mass extinction brought on by human influence. I've realized we as humans need to modify our behavior to prevent the loss of even more biodiversity. With my research I seek to provide management strategies that will allow humans to preserve the myriad species we have left. I focus on integrating myself into community efforts to solve conservation issues. You can find a publication about that learning process here. 


 Conservation genetics

The conservation of biodiversity from the molecular level to the biosphere is my top research interest. I have worked with invasive species to hone in on the techniques necessary to both solve conservation problems and address conservation priorities.  I am currently preparing my first manuscript on the phylogeographic relationship among native and invasive green iguanas in the Caribbean. Follow me on researchgate to find out when it's published!