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My passion for biology stems from my love for the tropical forests that I call home. My publications reflect my pursuit of also calling these ecosystems my workplace. 



De Jesús Villanueva, C. N., Massanet Prado, G. P., Gould, W., García-Quijano, C., & Kolbe, J. J. (2022). Interviews with farmers suggest negative direct and indirect effects of the invasive green iguana (Iguana iguana) on agriculture in Puerto Rico. Management of Biological Invasions, 13(4), 781-797. PDF


De Jesús Villanueva, C.N., Falcón, W., Velez-Zuazo, X. et al. (2021)  Origin of the green iguana (Iguana iguana) invasion in the greater Caribbean Region and Fiji. Biological Invasions (2021).  link


van den Burg, M.P., Van Belleghem, S.M., De Jesús Villanueva, C. N. (2020) The continuing march of Common Green Iguanas: arrival on mainland Asia. Journal for Nature Conservation. 57: 125888. PDF


De Jesús Villanueva, C.N. and Louise Stewart (2017) 18th Cambridge Student Conference on Conservation Science.  Oryx. 51(3): 391-399 PDF

De Jesús Villanueva, C.N. (2017) Tales from the “Iguana Girl”: An Anecdotal Account of Puerto Ricans’ Interactions with and Perceptions of Invasive Green Iguanas (Iguana iguana).  Reptiles and Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History. 24(1): 30-35 PDF


Ríos- López, N., Reyes-Díaz, M., Ortíz-Rivas, L., Negrón-Del Valle, J. E., De Jesús Villanueva, C.N, (2014) Natural History and Ecology of the Critically Endangered Puerto Rican Plains Coquí, Eleutherodactylus juanariveroi, Ríos-López and Thomas, 2007 (Amphibia: Anura: Eleutherodactylidae). Life: The Excitement of Biology. 2(2): 69-73 PDF


Redmond, M.D., Hartson, R.B., Hoverman, J.T., De Jesús Villanueva, C.N., and P.T.J Johnson (2011). Experimental exposure of Helisoma trivolvis and Biomphalaria glabrata (Gastropoda) to Ribeiroia ondatrae (Trematoda). Journal of Parasitology. 97(6): 1055-1061 PDF

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